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To wholesalers and OEM partners

Techno Motor (HK) Limited is a Hong Kong bas ... Full Article

Posted: 27/06/2013
New Gimbal BL Motor

Test only

... Full Article

Posted: 20/06/2013
Grand Open

2013 ReadyGoRC.com New Online Store Grand Op ... Full Article

Posted: 08/12/2012

About Us

Readygo RC.com

[ Profile ]

The Readygo RC Ltd. is a worldwide E-shopping company. Our chief members are come from Techno Motor (HK) Ltd. which is manufacturing brushless motor and mirco DC motor for RC Hobby toys, home appliances, medical and health care products for over ten years, with high reputation and good customer satisfaction in the manufacturing and sales market all around the world. Please checkout TM website www.technomotor.hk for further details.

[ RD&D ]

Our RD&D teams are constantly enhancing according to the professional suggestions and valuable choice offered by our respect customers, in order to bring superior innovative and qualified products for customers to enjoy their favorite hobbies.

[ Manufacturing ]

With our strong and existing manufacturing capabilities and manufacturers partners, we can bring you the very latest innovative products and of course the lowest price while maintaining quality performance and service for our respect hobbies customers.

[ Customer Service ]

Customer services are our top priority,we are completey dedicated to your total satisfaction, we strive to provide quality customer service and ensure timely and accurate processing of every order, we make sure every issues are under control,and we do our best to ensure your transaction exceeds your expectations. For more details, please visit our web shop "Terms and Condition" for reference.

Should you have any issue and comment, please contact us via our customer service center to let us know your concern, best customer service and support are our aim for success.